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Don't let your car overheat

In order to keep your car from overheating and on the road, you need a reliable radiator and cooling system that is functioning properly. Our professionally trained mechanics have the skills needed for recores, boil outs, rod outs, specialized repairs, and more!


With more than 300 radiators and 50 air conditioner compressors and condensers in stock, you can have your car in and out of the shop in no time.

• Radiator repair

• Hose replacement

• Heater problem diagnostics

• Water pumps

• Thermostats

• And more!

Comprehensive radiator service

Get a FREE heater core for your vehicle

Does your car need a new heater core? Let us install it for you, and you'll get a FREE heater core for your car in most cases.

In order to better serve you, there is always a large selection of parts in stock. Find hot rod radiators in all aluminum and make special orders for those hard-to-find parts. Most are available the same day or the next day.

All types of parts in stock

Contact us today to schedule FREE radiator testing and get professional radiator repair and service.

New clients and first time customers can take 10% off of their air conditioning services.

All of our work is GUARANTEED for your satisfaction.